Who We are

Linea Furniture Production is a private company located in plot 242, Sabon Lugbe, Along Airport Road, FCT Abuja, and was founded by President and CEO Mr. Anene Eloka in 2001.

Linea Miles Industry Limited employs a diverse work force of about 20 team members to support its operations. The company produces units of finished furniture daily and ships them to customers throughout Nigeria and beyond.


Our Mission

Provide the Right Products, at the Right Price, at the Right Time. Linea expects every person in our company to become a team player, with the expectation and need that they perform their duties to their fullest capacity and potential. Client’s satisfaction is our main priority, reached through innovative and cost effective production.


We have a vision to have Linea Miles Industry Limited entrenched in the consciousness of our clients as a furniture/woodwork production company sensitive to meeting our clients specific needs consistently at high quality global standards.


Professionalism Quality of excellence Job Satisfaction Workforce safety On-time delivery Growth and Prosperity up & down the supply chain.